Mega-CD Longplay [072] Night Trap

   Mi Canal


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Played By:- /Y\ad/Y\atty

One of the earliest games for the SegaCD. The game revolves around being in the right room at the right time in order to capture the Augers (Not quite vampires) and save all the girls in the game.

Unfortunaly, although this is a perfect playthrough, capturing all the augers means skipping all the story videos since everything is happening in real time.

I plan to make a seperate video showing the story videos instead.

Bonus footage at the end of the video shows some footage that was shot in Pawtucket, Rhode Island in December 1986 when Tom Zito and company demonstrated a prototype of the ill-fated NEMO game system for a group of Hasbro executives. Milton Bradley's Larry Bernstein is seen playing "Scene of the Crime," which eventually became "Night Trap".