Nintendo DS Longplay [023] New Super Mario Bros

 Mi Canal

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Played by: Tsunao

An excuse to test DeSmuME's rerecording function and see how it works. I know how to use it...sorta.

More like New Super Luigi Bros. :3

Just a basic ol' 100% (aka 3-Stars) playthrough of New Super Mario Bros. as Luigi (there is nothing different in terms of gameplay, unlike Super Mario Bros. 2J). 3-Stars would include completing the game (duh!), getting all Star Coins and spending them (after completing the game), and completing ALL levels, including taking the alternate exits (apparently, Warp Cannon levels count.). I'm not worried about that one little secret block that has that 1-Up or that one secret spot that has that one secret 1-Up or that one spot with that one secret beanstalk that takes me to that one secret spot with that one secret 1-Up. XD Confused? You're welcome. =P

Because people don't go to a site called GameFAQs (seriously...):
Luigi is played by holding L and R while selecting a file. Please tell me you know what the L and R buttons are. One person I answered didn't know what the L and R buttons were. "=_= Really?" was my only response. Mentally, of course.
Worlds 4 and 7 can be accessed by beating the boss in World 2 and World 5 as Mini Mario respectively. You do damage by doing a Mini Pound. Once again, people can't take the hint (even I didn't have to use a FAQ) on how to access these worlds. It is obvious IMO. Alternatively, World 7 can be reached by taking World 4's Warp Cannon. I do this to avoid another throwdown with Petey Piranha.
LOL at me ranting.

On the last few levels (well, somewhere around World 8), I fought Bowser Jr. the ol' fashion way
On the final stage, I decided to go cheap and bring about a battle of epic proportions. Gave 'em the ol' Ground Pwn. Normally, I'm suppose to wait until he jumps and then run under him, but I hate waiting.

Fun fact: 99 Lives! At least it isn't something wild like "Crown-9". XD I do this in World 2-4. I shouldn't even explain it. I don't even need 99 lives. I [sorta] know the game inside-out.

After completing the game, I reload the save data to send the Star Coins...

Date Added: 2019-09-23

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