PC Longplay [179] Blade Runner

   Mi Canal


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Played by: nicegaff

An ambitious game, and a lot of fun. Looks like they put a lot of effort into the 3D but still some characters are very pixelated - just the state of the art in 1997 i guess.
Some notes: I didn't think to show off the KIA much. The shooting range has a "bug" where the targets take forever to pop up when running the game on modern PCs, some edits are a little rough (sorry, still learning!). I didn't need to go back to the police station before killing Dektora. I tried to VK Lucy as human, but she was a replicant every time. Clovis leaves poetry on your answering machine every night if you spend enough time in the game.
At 01:07:45, that's supposed to be Deckard in the movie talking to the fish lady.
Thanks to Evil Surge for his walkthrough.
Some alternative scenes at the end of the video:
- Dodge soup, kill special, let Zuben live
- Poisoned by Early Q
- Let Dektora live
- Badass rat
- Type pogo in KIA
- Wtf?
- The (kinda creepy) Lucy ending